Who Am I?

My name is Marlene Roberson and I’m an Entrepreneur, Affiliate & Internet Marketer & Home Business Owner.

I started this journey many years ago  when internet marketing was still in its infancy.

How I tried and failed miserably  for many years to make money online!  I became an Amazon & ClickBank affiliate, I spent hours trying to learn from so-called “gurus”, buying every course and product in sight.

Spending a lot more than I was making it got to a stage where I just could not carry on anymore.  So I gave up and stopped trying.  I really thought it would be the end of my dream to become my own boss, run my business from anywhere and be financially free.

That is until October 2014 when I was introduced to a solid online business.

There Are Legitimate Opportunities Out There


I found a legitimate opportunity and for the first time since embarking on my internet marketing quest, I actually started earning residual income.  Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not something that brings in loads of money overnight, or even quickly.  There are no quick-fixes. No, like any serious business it takes time to build.  It takes dedication, patience and work!  But, as I see my monthly residual income growing, I know that my efforts are being rewarded and I am on the road to financial freedom!

There are great quality products & software that can genuinely help any internet marketer build an online business.  That said, there are also a lot of “crap” out there, and many people fall prey to unscrupulous people selling useless and outdated products.

Although it’s years ago, I vividly remember the awful feeling when it dawned on me that I had purchased a dud.  I remember wishing I had someone who could teach me and give me honest advice.

That is how this website was born.  I am no “guru” or “super-affiliate”.  I’m a regular person who have a little bit more experience than some people who are trying to build an online business.

I’ve built up my business over the years and am now in the position to offer other internet marketers access to quality information, training & mentoring to help them build a successful online business.

Feel free to contact me