Do I Know You? Too Much Too Soon!

Do you sometimes feel like saying “Do I Know You? Too Much Too Soon!” to new social media friends?  I know I do!

Imagine this.  You’re invited to a party by someone you don’t know (or at least not well).  You accept the invitation because you enjoy meeting new people and look forward to getting to know them.  Then, the moment you arrive at the party, you get bombarded with a sales pitch. Instead of enjoying yourself, you feel as if you’ve just been hit over the head!

This is what happens on social media too often.  You get a new friend request and accept.  The next thing you know, you are hit with a variety of offers.  No hello,  how are you?  Just a sales/recruitment pitch.

The sad thing is, if my new friend took the time to communicate with me and get to know me a bit better, I might have been open to look at their opportunity or their product.  But because of their eagerness to recruit me or make a sale, they actually had quite the opposite effect.

Sounds familiar? Are you making the same mistake, by pitching people immediately?

Internet Marketing

On the other hand, those new friends who initiate a chat and start building a relationship, make me much more interested in getting to know them, their opportunities and products.

I know we are all trying hard to build a business in order to live the laptop lifestyle/have more financial and time freedom or build a second income.  Unfortunately many marketers never have much (or any) success because of over-zealous marketing tactics.

Fortunately we can always change our approach and get some positive results. Instead of pitching, rather just have a genuine conversation.

So why don’t you try this? Next time you connect with someone, simply focus on building a relationship without trying to get a sale. Don’t try to recruit. Bring value and offer solutions. The sales will come …

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Nothing liberates our greatness like the desire to help, the desire to serve. – Marianne Williamson

Is Duplication In Network Marketing Always Possible?

When you join a network marketing company, most of us are told to “duplicate” our sponsor and upline.  Now I always questioned that, because to me, not everything is duplicatable.  I was going to write about it, but then I saw this post by one of my mentors, Ferny Ceballos, and I definitely cannot say it better.  So without further ado, enjoy :

What IS and IS NOT Duplicatable About Online and Offline Network Marketing

Is Duplication Always Possible?

If you are in network marketing, you’ve probably heard this line; it’s basically a rule of thumb in traditional network marketing…

“If it’s not duplicatable, don’t teach it to your team!”

Sounds logical, sure.

But, are you aware that most of the things you are taught are actually NOT duplicatable?

Yup, that’s right!

A lot of what you are taught when you start in network marketing, by most uplines or team leaders, is not really duplicatable.

Don’t believe me?

Well, that’s okay, because I am here to prove it to you.

Starting from the top…

What “duplicatable” means

First, I want to make it crystal clear what duplicatable means.Because that word in the network marketing space is thrown around a lot, it’s part of the everyday language, and if you are starting out you might not fully get all its implications.

“Duplicatable,” by definition, means the capacity of being duplicated.

And “duplicated” is a copy, exactly like the original, as you probably already know.

Now in this profession, when something is said to be “duplicatable” it means that anyone can do it, exactly the same way as it was taught and with relative ease.

It can be replicated, with the exact same level of success, or with very similar results as it was achieved previously.

And, by extension, it means that when you teach it to your team, they will accomplish the exact results as you, as your upline, and as your upline’s upline, and so on.

Okay, to be fair: maybe not at the exact same level of success as seasoned network marketers, but it is assumed it will work in a very similar, positive way for you and your team.


In real life, does this actually happen?

Honestly, can you, or anyone else, say that everything you’ve been taught in traditional network marketing can be duplicated?Let me take a wild guess…

Probably not.

Regardless of the significant disagreements you and I might have as to what people should be taught, or at least exposed to, you and I both know that most of the staples taught in network marketing are not truly duplicatable.

Sorry, but they just aren’t.

So, in that case, what should you do?

What should you teach your team so they can duplicate it with relative ease?

Rejection Free Recruiting

I am glad you asked…I’m a big believer in giving people options, and showing them all the different ways of building their network marketing business.

And that is what I want to give to you today, options.

Since the title of this post is, what is and is not duplicatable in online and offline network marketing.

I want to start first with some traditional ways of building a network marketing business that are—surprise surprise—not duplicatable.

Starting with…

After all…

“There are LOTS of people to talk to out there…don’t forget your friendly waiter!”

Have you heard that one before?

Sure you have, and it’s called “cold market prospecting.”

Cold market prospecting means going out into the world and talking to strangers…

And trying to not only generate a lead or prospect, but actually trying to convert that prospect into a member of your team.

Guess what?

That is NOT duplicatable!

And furthermore, it’s actually a very difficult skill to learn.

If you don’t believe me, check my free 10-day online recruiting bootcamp.

On day 5 there’s a story of what my friend James tried to do at a mall (true story!)

I guarantee you’ll, at the very least, get a good laugh.

So, can cold market prospecting work?

Sure, I know some people that are very good at it.

My friend, and former client, Cesar Rodriguez is extremely good at cold market prospecting.

In fact, he has courses on how to do it effectively.

But it’s still not duplicatable.

I’ll explain why…

In order to be able to make cold market prospecting work for you, and be successful at it, you need to basically commit yourself at a very high level.

You need to completely overcome the fear of talking to strangers.

And you also need to develop professional sales skills, in order to know how to approach and start conversations; how to break the ice.

There’s a great deal of strategy that goes into going into public, such as a mall, and starting a conversation out of thin air, even if that stranger is your very friendly waiter.

It’s not easy and doesn’t come naturally to the vast majority of folks, period.

Next up…

…can you guess what the next non-duplicatable skill is?

Yup, you guessed correctly.

It’s cold calling.

Cold calling is another skill in traditional network marketing that is not duplicatable.

Does it work?

Yes, of course it does!

But answer me this…

Do you actually listen to your average telemarketer pitch, or do you usually just hang up the phone?

Well, most people hang up their phones

And most telemarketers don’t have the skills needed to convert those people.

They would need proper training, instead of just getting a script and some random numbers and being told to, “go for it.”

Suitable training would take lots of time and practice.

So, it’s something that not everyone can do; certainly doesn’t happen overnight.

Believe it or not, there are still people in network marketing, not only teaching people how to cold call, but charging thousands of dollars to teach them how to get good at it.

Mastering cold calling is a great skill to have, sure.

But if you have to pay somebody $5,000 to learn that skill, then clearly that skill is not duplicatable.

So, if that’s what you want to do, know that it’s going to require a great deal of dedication and commitment in order to be effective for your business.

It’s not something that you’re going to learn overnight.

You can’t simply give someone a script and tell him or her to start calling people they have never met, and expect them to start recruiting those people into their opportunity straight away.

It doesn’t work that way; it takes time.

It’s a powerful, but tough skill to learn.

Could you do it?

Yes, you can do anything you set your mind to, of course.

But the point is…

Do you want to spend the time and the money required to succeed?

Are you fully committed to it?

That’s something you need to answer for yourself.

Next up…

“…and start telling them all about your new opportunity.”

Sound familiar?

Well, here’s the thing…

Did you know that one of the greatest skills in life is maintaining good relationships with your family and friends?

Most network marketers, when they are just starting out, fumble with this one.

They fumble big time; it’s painful to watch.

Most newbies damage their relationships with friends and family

Keeping good relationships is not duplicatable.

Screwing up those relationships, on the other hand…

Well, that is very duplicatable.

It happens all the time, and clearly that’s something people have to work on and improve upon as an industry.

Newbies need to know the right way to approach their warm market in order to be effective not only in business, but also in preserving those close relationships.

Which reminds me of the next skill…

…“not right now.”

Well, sorry to tell you, but NO means NO.

You’ve no doubt heard that before in another context, but it’s also the case for network marketing.

Merely being able to take a “no” is a great skill to have and should be duplicatable.

Unfortunately, most companies teach that “no” doesn’t really mean “no,” that it means, as I mentioned before, “not right now.”

But I’m here to tell you that if somebody says “no,” and they are pretty adamant about it, you should take their word for it, and move on.

Now, should they ever bring it up again, and ask about your business, then you obviously can start asking questions as to why they had a change of heart.

You can do a lot to preserve your personal relationships by simply accepting a “no.”

Next up…


Leaving your family with a nanny is going to cost you hundreds of dollars a week, if not thousands of dollars a month.

And coming home late at night is not something I would call duplicatable.

Have people built massive businesses doing home or hotel meetings?


But is it duplicatable?

Does everybody have the commitment and the drive in order to do that in order to achieve their dreams?

Heck no!

That’s a tough thing to do!

It’s a tough thing to do night after night, over and over again.

It’s absolutely not duplicatable.

Not everyone is willing to make that sacrifice, so clearly everyone in your team can’t duplicate that skill.

No should anyone expect them to.

Now, let’s talk about…

Two leadership skills we all want, but are not duplicatable

Switching gears right quick…

Let’s discuss actual skills you need to be successful in network marketing, which you’re typically not told you need to learn.

Starting with…

Whether you’re doing one-on-ones, home or hotel meetings, or even online presentations through webinars…

Doing sales presentations is not something you can duplicate straight away, because you need to learn and be trained on how to do them properly and effectively.

You can’t simply sit down with someone for 15 minutes and teach them how to do it and expect that all of the sudden they’re going to be really good at it.

Just like any other high-value skill…

To be good you have to practice, practice, practice.

You need to learn by watching and then by doing it multiple times.

You’re going to do a lot of meetings and you’re going to screw up a lot of presentations, where no one joins your team.

And hey…

That’s part of life; it’s how the cookie crumbles.

This is a skill that leaders commit to and are not what everyone in your team or yourself should want to do.

Next up…

Okay, so here’s what it comes down to…

Anything that requires you to learn processes, anything that requires practice, and commitment to learning, are all considered to be leadership skills.

And you guessed it, these are not duplicatable.

Make no mistake, they’re essential for being successful in network marketing, but not everyone can be or wants to become a team leader.

Okay, if you’re still with me and have not abandoned ship…

Hang on, because I will now tell you the skills that can be duplicatable for you and all of your team, right now.

Drum roll please…

What’s actually duplicatable about building online (and learning attraction marketing)

First off, I believe there are lots of ways to build your network marketing business online.And the best part is this..

Not only can you preserve your relationships, but you can also structure your business so you have people asking you about your opportunity or products, instead of you having to chase after them.

In fact, the reason I came online when I started in network marketing was because of the idea of…

  • Creating a website to captures leads
  • Building sales funnels
  • Having automated messages go out to all my prospects that visited my website
  • Running ads and crunching the numbers

Those ideas were more duplicatable, in my head, than what was being asked of me in traditional network marketing.

Back in 2006, when I first started, we didn’t have social media, like Facebook, in order to be able to build our business online.

We had to learn difficult skills like coding to build our websites, and there weren’t many resources out there to help us shorten the learning curve.

Nowadays we have killer resources…

…such as the Social Media Recruiting Frenzy guide, created by our friend Julie Burke, a multiple six-figure earner in network marketing.Julie personally sponsored 270+ reps and grew a team of 8,300 distributors using Facebook from the comfort of her own home.

Now, do you think that is duplicatable?

Well the proof’s in the pudding, because Julie has trained thousands of people to do the same thing, with great success.

In fact, you can read more about how she built her business using social media in this blog post:

How This Stay-at-Home Mom of Two Built a Network Marketing Downline of Over 9,000 People With Social Media

Thanks to social media, we all have an infinite amount of prospects we can connect with and add to our friend’s list.

And, the best part is that this strategy only requires you to learn simple skills, such as how to do some posts, and also learn how to actively prospect people.

That, to me, is MUCH more duplicatable than cold market prospecting.

Now, just to confuse you a little, both of these strategies are technically “cold market prospecting.”

Traditional cold market prospecting is were you leave your home and talk to strangers face-to-face at the mall.

And social media cold market prospecting can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Which would you prefer?

Going beyond social media prospecting…

There are other methods which are also easily duplicatable.And we prove how duplicatable they are inside of Elite Marketing Pro every single day.

Case in point…

We teach people how to run Facebook ads to generate leads.

Now, if we have—right now, today—hundreds of people generating thousands of leads using our training and our system, is that duplicatable?


And the different ways of doing it are very interesting.

Now, for the sake of argument…

Say you’re a bit skeptical, and you DO NOT believe that building online, and creating funnels and websites, and all that stuff, is duplicatable.

Let’s say that’s true for a moment.

Okay, so let’s say I can easily teach somebody how to create a Facebook ad that goes to a one page website, which offers a prospect something of value in exchange of their contact information.

Now, keep in mind the ad could be about anything.

The ad could tell the story of a positive result somebody has produced in their life, which is also desired by whoever is receiving the message.

It could be about a particular product or how to effectively build a business online.

And you can simply link that ad back to a one page website to generate leads.

Sounds pretty easy, right?

But, hold on…

We said you didn’t believe that online prospecting was duplicatable, remember?

So let’s make the process even easier and something you and anyone in your team can definitely copy, without the need to learn any complicated skills.

Whatever the ad is about, you can create it just like I mentioned before…

But at the end you add some copy (meaning sales writing), which says…

“Comment below for more information.”

Now, you don’t even need a website!

Nor do you need any other links; your “call to action” (what you’re asking your audience to do, in ad-speak) doesn’t need to actually go anywhere.Now, think about it…

Do you think I could teach someone to write three paragraphs, add a positive image of people smiling, and write their call to action as something along the lines of, “comment below for more info?”

Yes, one hundred percent I can!

And I do.

We are doing it right now, every day, here at Elite Marketing Pro.

In fact, not long ago one of our students, Gloria, after attending one of our workshops, reached out to me and told me that she did exactly that.

The strategy she was using to generating leads online is quite simple.

All she did was write three paragraphs about a mentor she had met at our workshop (who’s also one of our students).

She explained a little about the strategy her mentor was using to generate leads online and used a picture with her mentor and other people from the workshop for the ad.

Then added a call to action that said…

“Hey, if you want to learn more, comment below more info, and I’ll send you some information.”

That’s it!

With $20 worth of ad spend, she had 26 people reach out to her!

And that same day, she had talked to four of them and three became customers.

How cool is that!?!

Would you say that is duplicatable?

Yes, it is.

In fact we can teach that technique to anybody, and that’s exactly what we do at Elite Marketing Pro.

We empower people with methods that work.

And we start you off slow and easy, isn’t that nice?

We also teach advanced stuff, but first we have you have master the basics to create quick results and more leverage.

Now, if you want to make your life a little easier, and start building your business online and also teach your team how to do it effectively.

Then you can download my free 10-day online recruiting bootcamp, which will essentially teach you how to build your business using the Internet.

Now, do we also have training products for sale?

Absolutely, and they go into a lot more depth and detail.

Additionally, we offer FREE personal one-on-one coaching for anyone that purchases my book Attraction Marketing Formula.

It’s complimentary and completely FREE.

Our goal is to PROVE to you that building your network marketing business online is duplicatable!

And that you can do it too.

Our coaches will teach you how to over the course of three coaching calls.

That’s it, now you know what is and what is not duplicatable in network marketing.

Thanks for sticking with me until the end.

Make sure to sign up for my free 10-day online recruiting bootcamp.

And share this post with your team if you found it powerful and insightful.

Also, please comment below and let me know what was your main “Aha!” moment!


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9 Ways To Improve Productivity


There was a time when I got to the end of a day and felt as if the whole day was wasted.  It frustrated me and I decided to find out what super productive people do.  I found quite a few things they have in common  and following are 9 habits they all share. What if, like amazingly productive people, you could act with purpose when you work and get the maximum out of every minute of your day? Have a look, implement it in your life and see what happens:


Quite often we think multitasking is a way to get more done but it could have the opposite effect.  By trying to do too many things at the same time you could actually be limiting your productivity.  The quality of the work you produce could also suffer.

By concentrating on one task at a time, you will be able to apply all your focus to it.  You will finish it sooner and most probably end up with better quality work as well.


It is all too easy to get distracted by the phone or social media announcements.  By turning your phone, email and all social media notification off, you will have a lot more momentum to finish the specific task you are working on.

The Easiest Way To Make Money Online?

In everything you do you can expect to have failures and successes.  Be prepared to handle failures and the successes  will follow.

relax with friend to improve productivity laterBALANCE WORK AND PERSONAL LIFE

It’s easy to be so focused on work and results that you neglect to take care of yourself and your family.  It is important to keep a good balance.  Make time to relax, exercise and have fun with family and/or friends.  If you don’t you could burn out and not even be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Have a set schedule for checking email.  Depending on volume, something like 1st thing in the morning, a few minutes at midday and then again late afternoon should do.  Don’t be tempted to check your email every hour as this could quite easily get you side-tracked.

Sort your emails into two groups.  Group 1 would be those that need immediate attention and group 2 those that can wait.  Allocate a specific amount of time for each of these groups and stick to it.


Meetings are (most of the time) enormous time wasters. People tend to go off topic and before you know it you’ve wasted a lot of time.  If a meeting can’t be avoided, make sure there is a written agenda with clear objectives.  Appoint someone to moderate the meeting and make sure the agenda is followed and objectives met.

LEARN TO SAY NO (Especially to yourself)

We often fear that nothing else (or better) will come along, so we often say yes when we should say no.  The more you take on, the harder it becomes to complete successfully. Only say yes when you know you have the time to take on a new project.


It’s amazing how difficult most of us find it to delegate.  Do you think no one can do a job as good as you?  I know I suffered from that a long time.   Life got a lot easier once I realized I don’t have to control everything!  By delegating efficiently you can take a lot of pressure off yourself.  Having less to do by yourself will also improve productivity.


If you set a good morning routine you will be a lot more prepared for the day.  Do yoga, or whatever exercise you fancy, walk the dog and then enjoy a hearty, relaxing breakfast. Plan your day and get yourself in the right frame of mind for a productive day.

It might mean having to get up a little earlier, but you will quickly get into the routine.  A good morning routine will soon become a habit that will improve productivity and keep you healthy and full of energy!


CPA Offers - Easiest Way To Make Money Online?



How To Start A Game Or Utility App Business With Zero Development!

Game and utility apps are everywhere and a lot of people are making a nice income from them!

Can You Start A Game or Utility or App With Zero Development

So what is a game or utility app?

An application (app) is a type of software that makes use of system software to operate.  It is tailor-made to perform a certain task and (usually) needs user interaction to function.

Many marketers have just about abandoned  internet marketing in favor of an app business.  And no wonder, it’s much easier to make money with apps than conventional internet marketing, especially for newbies.

The market is huge and it just keeps growing every day, with no end in sight.  People love their apps!

how Can You Start a Game Or utility app business with zero development?

Now I’m sure you’re wondering, is it possible for you to get a piece of the pie and make some money?

Maybe you’re thinking you don’t have any experience, no programming skills and are totally technically challenged.  The truth is, you can start a game or utility app business in less than a week, without any programming abilities, technical knowledge or experience.

[ConvertPix id=546]


Well I must admit, I also believed that it must be a very complicated process.  Turns out (fortunately) I was totally wrong.  It’s about knowing how to build the app business, not any of the other skills & experience people usually think you need.

Even better, you can get started and build a daily income for years to come by completing ONE-TIME actions!  Leaving you free to spend time on other income producing activities. Now that’s what I call a great income plan!

If you would like to be part of this highly lucrative trend of the future, check out the free video training:

Start A Game Or Utility App BusinessRemember, you do not need any special skills or experience at all. The game and utility app market will just keep growing in years to come, and you can run your app business from the comfort of your home.


Secret To Long-Term Affiliate Commissions


When I started doing affiliate marketing I knew there had to be a secret to long-term affiliate commissions.

Why else were some affiliates able to always make money online, year in and year out, while others just struggled along? Let’s face it, many affiliates just cannot make a long term income online.

Secret To Long-Term Affiliate Commissions

I kept on reading about “the money is in the list” so I knew that to make money you have to have a list! But when you look at it, just about all affiliates have a list, but some are way more successful at monetizing their list.

It took a while, but I eventually figured it out … the secret to long-term affiliate commissions used by  “super” affiliates who are making big bucks.  Leaving average affiliates, who either make nothing or very little, wondering …

Super affiliates are able to write killer emails that convert into sales!

If you have a list, or are still building one, you know by now that it’s not that easy to write emails … it can be very hard.  So here’s the thing, there’s not much point in building a list without learning how to write killer emails that convert into sales.

Fortunately there’s good news:

Patric Chan, a ClickBank Super Affiliate has decided to share the proven emails he’s been using, to make thousands of dollars, with us.  That means you can use the fill-in-the-blank emails to promote any related internet marketing products you like.  Without having to write it yourself!

With this super shortcut, all you have to do is put in your own affiliate link (or promote your own products) and you’re ready to start making money …

Even better,  you get these 21 Days of money-making email templates for FREE:

The easiest and quickest way to get traffic and build a list is by using the solo ad strategy.  To help you start making money even sooner, you also get the step-by-step video training on how to achieve this when you download the email templates…

Download everything for free NOW:

Now that you know the secret to long-term affiliate commissions, what are you waiting for?

[ConvertPix id=610]

CPA Marketing – Easiest Way To Make Money Online?

CPA Offers - Easiest Way to Make Money Online?There are many ways to make money online and CPA marketing is probably the easiest way, especially for people who don’t like selling.

What Is CPA Marketing?

CPA marketing is also a type of affiliate marketing but, instead of selling products, you get paid a commission just for helping companies generate leads!  In other words, you get paid for every lead you generate and the company takes it from there.

This means you can create a new income stream without having to sell anything at all.  As a matter of fact, you generate leads by giving away free stuff …

Surprisingly, not many people know about this little secret of affiliate marketing. Many of those that do are earning a very nice online income, without having to leave home.

Imagine, 100% no selling at all…  and making money online by just giving away free stuff…

CPA Offers

If you want to earn an extra income without leaving the comfort of your home, this is definitely for you!

Learn How To Do CPA Marketing

Of course, you would need to learn how to do it… and that is why we’ve prepared this 100% FREE CPA Marketing Course.  It consists of 16 step-by-step training videos to show you how to start making money online through CPA offers!

[ConvertPix id=566]

What Is Included In The Course?

 Video #1 –  you will get a complete overview of what will be included in every training video.
Video #2 – you will learn what CPA Marketing is all about.
Video #3 – you will learn what CPA Networks are and which ones you should trust the most.
Video #4 – you will learn how you can get approved in CPA Networks.
Video #5 – you will learn what the most important elements are in CPA marketing as an affiliate.
Video #6 – you will learn the types of CPA Offers, which CPA Offers convert well.
Video #7 – you will learn which landing pages should be used to advertise CPA Offers.
Video #8 –  you will learn what types of traffic converts best for CPA Offers.
Video #9 – you will learn why tracking is key for making the right decisions in your CPA campaigns.
Video #10 – you will learn how testing & optimizing your CPA Campaign can HELP you win the game.
Video #11 – you will learn how to set up a highly effective CPA Campaign on Facebook.
Video #12 – you will learn what things you should and should not do in CPA Marketing.
Video #13 – you will learn what tricks you can apply in your CPA Campaign to increase ROI.
Video #14 – you will learn how affiliates are actually making money with CPA Offers.
Video #15 – you will learn how business owners can use CPA Marketing on their behalf.
Video #16 – you will learn how businesses are actually getting positive results with CPA Marketing.

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P.S: If you follow all the steps inside the videos, I wouldn’t be surprised if you start to make money online within just days or weeks.

CPA MAchine - Make Money Online Without Selling

From Failure To President

Failed in Business – Bankruptcy, 1831

Defeated for Legislature, 1832

Sweetheart/Fiancee Dies, 1835

Nervous Breakdown, 1836

Defeated in Election, 1836

Defeated for U.S. Congress, 1843

Defeated again for U.S. Congress, 1846

Defeated once again for U.S. Congress, 1848

Defeated for U.S. Senate, 1855

Defeated for U.S. Vice President, 1856

Defeated again for U.S. Senate, 1858

ABRAHAM LINCOLNabrahamlincoln

Elected President of the U.S.A., 1860

You cannot fail… unless you quit.