Do I Know You? Too Much Too Soon!

Do you sometimes feel like saying “Do I Know You? Too Much Too Soon!” to new social media friends?  I know I do!

Imagine this.  You’re invited to a party by someone you don’t know (or at least not well).  You accept the invitation because you enjoy meeting new people and look forward to getting to know them.  Then, the moment you arrive at the party, you get bombarded with a sales pitch. Instead of enjoying yourself, you feel as if you’ve just been hit over the head!

This is what happens on social media too often.  You get a new friend request and accept.  The next thing you know, you are hit with a variety of offers.  No hello,  how are you?  Just a sales/recruitment pitch.

The sad thing is, if my new friend took the time to communicate with me and get to know me a bit better, I might have been open to look at their opportunity or their product.  But because of their eagerness to recruit me or make a sale, they actually had quite the opposite effect.

Sounds familiar? Are you making the same mistake, by pitching people immediately?

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On the other hand, those new friends who initiate a chat and start building a relationship, make me much more interested in getting to know them, their opportunities and products.

I know we are all trying hard to build a business in order to live the laptop lifestyle/have more financial and time freedom or build a second income.  Unfortunately many marketers never have much (or any) success because of over-zealous marketing tactics.

Fortunately we can always change our approach and get some positive results. Instead of pitching, rather just have a genuine conversation.

So why don’t you try this? Next time you connect with someone, simply focus on building a relationship without trying to get a sale. Don’t try to recruit. Bring value and offer solutions. The sales will come …

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Nothing liberates our greatness like the desire to help, the desire to serve. – Marianne Williamson

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