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How To Start A Game Or Utility App Business With Zero Development!

Game and utility apps are everywhere and a lot of people are making a nice income from them!

Can You Start A Game or Utility or App With Zero Development

So what is a game or utility app?

An application (app) is a type of software that makes use of system software to operate.  It is tailor-made to perform a certain task and (usually) needs user interaction to function.

Many marketers have just about abandoned  internet marketing in favor of an app business.  And no wonder, it’s much easier to make money with apps than conventional internet marketing, especially for newbies.

The market is huge and it just keeps growing every day, with no end in sight.  People love their apps!

how Can You Start a Game Or utility app business with zero development?

Now I’m sure you’re wondering, is it possible for you to get a piece of the pie and make some money?

Maybe you’re thinking you don’t have any experience, no programming skills and are totally technically challenged.  The truth is, you can start a game or utility app business in less than a week, without any programming abilities, technical knowledge or experience.

[ConvertPix id=546]


Well I must admit, I also believed that it must be a very complicated process.  Turns out (fortunately) I was totally wrong.  It’s about knowing how to build the app business, not any of the other skills & experience people usually think you need.

Even better, you can get started and build a daily income for years to come by completing ONE-TIME actions!  Leaving you free to spend time on other income producing activities. Now that’s what I call a great income plan!

If you would like to be part of this highly lucrative trend of the future, check out the free video training:

Start A Game Or Utility App BusinessRemember, you do not need any special skills or experience at all. The game and utility app market will just keep growing in years to come, and you can run your app business from the comfort of your home.


CPA Marketing – Easiest Way To Make Money Online?

CPA Offers - Easiest Way to Make Money Online?There are many ways to make money online and CPA marketing is probably the easiest way, especially for people who don’t like selling.

What Is CPA Marketing?

CPA marketing is also a type of affiliate marketing but, instead of selling products, you get paid a commission just for helping companies generate leads!  In other words, you get paid for every lead you generate and the company takes it from there.

This means you can create a new income stream without having to sell anything at all.  As a matter of fact, you generate leads by giving away free stuff …

Surprisingly, not many people know about this little secret of affiliate marketing. Many of those that do are earning a very nice online income, without having to leave home.

Imagine, 100% no selling at all…  and making money online by just giving away free stuff…

CPA Offers

If you want to earn an extra income without leaving the comfort of your home, this is definitely for you!

Learn How To Do CPA Marketing

Of course, you would need to learn how to do it… and that is why we’ve prepared this 100% FREE CPA Marketing Course.  It consists of 16 step-by-step training videos to show you how to start making money online through CPA offers!

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What Is Included In The Course?

 Video #1 –  you will get a complete overview of what will be included in every training video.
Video #2 – you will learn what CPA Marketing is all about.
Video #3 – you will learn what CPA Networks are and which ones you should trust the most.
Video #4 – you will learn how you can get approved in CPA Networks.
Video #5 – you will learn what the most important elements are in CPA marketing as an affiliate.
Video #6 – you will learn the types of CPA Offers, which CPA Offers convert well.
Video #7 – you will learn which landing pages should be used to advertise CPA Offers.
Video #8 –  you will learn what types of traffic converts best for CPA Offers.
Video #9 – you will learn why tracking is key for making the right decisions in your CPA campaigns.
Video #10 – you will learn how testing & optimizing your CPA Campaign can HELP you win the game.
Video #11 – you will learn how to set up a highly effective CPA Campaign on Facebook.
Video #12 – you will learn what things you should and should not do in CPA Marketing.
Video #13 – you will learn what tricks you can apply in your CPA Campaign to increase ROI.
Video #14 – you will learn how affiliates are actually making money with CPA Offers.
Video #15 – you will learn how business owners can use CPA Marketing on their behalf.
Video #16 – you will learn how businesses are actually getting positive results with CPA Marketing.

Get your training videos for free NOW


P.S: If you follow all the steps inside the videos, I wouldn’t be surprised if you start to make money online within just days or weeks.

CPA MAchine - Make Money Online Without Selling

FAQ about InstantAzon

I have been getting a stack of questions over the past few days about the Instant Azon software so I thought you might want to know the answers too:

Here they are;

Q: Is it really as easy as they say it is to set this up?

A: Yes.

All you need to do is install the Instant Azon WordPress
plugin, enter a bit of info and it’s done. Fast.

And the software also comes with easy-to-follow training to
help you get the most out of Instant Azon.

Q: Can I really build an Amazon website in 60 seconds?

A: Yes.

If you take a look at the demo on the Instant Azon page, you will see exactly how it can be done in 60 seconds.

Q: Do you seriously think that I should buy this?

A: Yes.

You should buy this.

If you like money you should buy Instant Azon.

Grab it now

How to make $94K as an Amazon affiliate

Instead of going out tonight and spending your hard earned cash
at your local movie theater, why don’t you stay home and earn some money watching a video?

Watching that video can lead to you earning $94K in hard cold

Is that even possible?


But I’m not talking about watching an old western or Disney flick. I’m talking about watching the video the guys from Instant Azon have
on their page.

They show you how to go from zero to a money-making website in 60 seconds.

Just think about how much you can make.

If it takes just 60 seconds to build one website, my gosh, I’m sure you
have the time to make one site right?

While you are at it, why don’t you make more?

It’s fast and easy to do with the software so even if you are really busy, surely you can spare a few minutes to squeeze out another one or two.

Now let’s look at the big earning potential here and do some simple

If you do one a day during the weekdays – you will have 5 sites done.

Do that for a year.

So that would be 5 x 52.

5 x 52 is 260.

So by the end of the year you will have 260 Amazon websites built.

And even if each of your websites only make a measly $1 per day,
that’s still $260 a day in total and $94K per friggin year.

How do you like them apples?

Not to rain on your parade but I have to put a big disclaimer here;

Obviously I can’t guarantee you will make that much money
because most people who buy this amazing software won’t even take action. Even though it can make them serious cash.

For all I know, you could make even more than that. But you need
to take action to make anything.

That I do know.

So if you are ready to take action, go grab your copy and start building your Amazon sites today

The 1990’s underpants era of internet marketing

Back in the 90’s it was all a rage to say you can make money online sitting on the beach in your underpants.

It was dead easy and dead quick to get bucket loads of cash in your bank account.

Since then, reality has started to hit and now people realize the truth…

It takes a lot of hard work to get things off the ground.


There are still tools available to make this quicker for you and all this week I have been talking to you about this Instant Azon software.

I know a lot of you would like to do it but you are not quite sure if it works.

Or you have doubts that it is as easy as everybody’s saying it is.

If you haven’t already;

Make sure you look at the proof video right on the page because you will see a live demo showing how they set up a money making Amazon site in 60 seconds.

And let me tell you first hand – this does work.

So even though making money online today is not quite as easy as it was back in the 90’s…

There are a few exceptions and Instant Azon is one of them.

Go take a look at the proof video and see for yourself . . .

Money loves speed

I hear horror stories all the time of people who get stuck on a
project and never get it completed.

Some try to tackle things which are just too hard to do.

They lose interest and come up with every excuse in the book
not to complete the project.

Some get frustrated, get sidetracked, get distracted…

Some even try to get everything perfect before they put it online and it never gets finished.


Something good and finished always beats perfect and unfinished.

And if you never get anything finished, you will never get to the money.


It’s so depressing hearing stories of people stuck in situations like
this and can’t move forward.

I don’t want this to happen to you.

Don’t get stuck in a rut, don’t get distracted, don’t get involved with
something really complex and is going to take you a long time to

Just do something quick that could potentially be online
today and start making yourself money right away.

Like the 60 second software that I’ve been talking about all week.

Pretty fast huh?


You don’t have time to come up with excuses not to use the software because it only takes 60 seconds to build yourself a complete Amazon store.

You will quickly have an Amazon store live online to start bringing you affiliate commissions in record time.

So no more excuses and no more procrastinating.

Fast. Speed. Get it live today

The Hunger Games: Mockingguru

You ever feel like the gurus are taking the p***?


You have a hunger for success like we all do.

And yet sometimes the “recipes” the gurus serve up
for making money online read more like a PhD
thesis on quantum theory.

(i.e. 10,001 steps, 5 years to implement and a shedload
of hard work.)

As my granny used to say:

Screw that.

Don’t gurus know we want something which works quickly
and is easy to use?

Like the Instant Azon software I’ve been harping on to you
about this week.

This is the software that builds a money-making Amazon website for you in 60 seconds flat.

Grab this now.

It’s the only weapon you’ll need in your fight for quick and easy profits;